You Don’t Scare Me

The ripples in the water

Have gotten larger and larger

The calm relaxing stupor

Of the lazy candlelight

Becoming a full blown fire.

And all I can advise

Is that you take it all in your strife

Because I’m not the type that’s used to this

You’re use of silly words

When you’re to scared to use a fist.

With every jab fought hiding behind a wall

My friend I hate to give

You a wake up call

But I really








She walked

To the front of the queue

And all over you

In those




Sidelined once again

I wouldn’t really mind

But I know she doesn’t care.

The type of girl who can make out with him for thirty seconds

Step back

Brush it off

And call it an indiscretion

Flip a coin

And decide on you for that day

Once again pushing me out of the way.

And yeah she’s totally “punk”

A gamer girl who will show you what’s up

Tell it like it is

Excluding the small print

Because when she’s used him all up

And she’s gotten her way

That’s when I’ll sit here and say

I tried to warn you

Here I was all along

Now you’re sitting on the corner of heart torn and the friend zone.


Humane Lyrics

Lyrics in a song

Sing all that can’t be said

As true as any alcohol tainted brain

Unfiltered with anxiety and dread*

Telling everything that’s been bottled up

Uncorked, its contents empties out

It’s honest words

With a backing track

That we play relentlessly on repeat

Somber, enlightening, happy and sad

And all the other seven dwarves whose names you can remember.

It’s hard not to relate

With a beat, guitar or violin

We don’t have to bare our hearts

But let the rhythm of someone else’s voice

Do it for us.


* Until the next day that is haha 😀

Bullet Wounds

Abrupt, unprepared

Pulled the trigger without warning

And blew me to smithereens.

Well, I’m not the guilty party

I hope the ghost of your actions

Plague and follow you around.

Because I was an innocent

A new born foundling

Who you wrongly accused

With your torrent of cusses

That left me dumbfounded and baffled.

Tried to play me like those before

And failed to notice that I had a holster of my own

That I could brand you in my own way.

Don’t attempt an apology

My memories long and I remember these things.



Dangerous things that haunt your mind

Tend to keep you up at night

A burden, a promise that you have to keep

But it’s burning in the back of your throat

The words are heavy on your tongue

Ready to spring out into the unknown.

Now a friend notices that something’s wrong

You figure, you might as well tell someone

A cruel game of Chinese Whisper’s begin

That spreads like wildfire

Catching onto everything.

You betrayed their trust and now they know.

Secrets aren’t secret for very long.


Hey guys I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on Wattpad writing. Most of my poetry is on there now but alas I haven’t given up on this blog just bare with me. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

A Daydreamer’s Diary

I don’t look where I am

Just where I’m getting toodaydream

Why stay in reality?

When I can drift up to Cloud Nine

Perch there and look down

At the world I left behind.

The tranquility is mesmerizing

But I can’t stay here forever

There’s plenty of time

To dream and hope

When I close my eyes.

*Morpheus is waiting for me

Wiping the slate clean

On my bad day

By creating the perfect landscape.



Also here’s a link to my Wattpad page which has some of these poems and more as well as a story I’m working on!



Half Empty or Half Full?

You get what you’re given in life

It’s true when they say

That no good deed goes unpunished

You wonder why you even try

What part of the Bigger pictureprettty

Includes your life

Outsider, onlooker

Constantly out of the loop

If you could would you

Runaway from everything?


But then you’d be giving up on it all.

And I never pegged you for a quitter

The Underdog, Quirky One

Your time has finally come

You’re not a sheep like the rest of them

Go against the current

After all, like they say

If you follow the crowd

You’ll never make your own way.



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Venom in your words

A sneer upon your lips

Nobodies safe

Your angers contagious

Your poison infects my bloodstream

As you fire your insults one by one

Whoever’s in your way

You choose to victimize

Making them your next prey

And when you’re done

You carry on

Whilst they are left to suffer.

Some of them are immune to you

Thicker skins than the others before

Stronger, more agile

They tread on your tail

Rather than ushering you away

They aren’t warned off

By your colourful spots

Or the dangerous glint in your eye.

They don’t fall for your tricks

Or are consumed by your hate

Instead they stand up to your egotistic

Ways and make your poison





Soaking up the sun summertme

In the garden we lay

Listening to music

We constantly replay

Our favourite loud rock band

In the BBQ scented air

Giggling as I realise

I’ve burned – yet again.

And when the sun goes in sunbathing

We hang our heads in defeat

Pick up the towels and earphones

Heat inside and retreat.